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Corporate Social Investment

Changing the world, one organization a time.


Educating Our Nation

Accountancy Community Through Tirisano (ACTT) is a registered NPO that offers extra tutorial classes (Maths, Accounting & Physics) to learners from the Katlehong Township. We built them a website, and we are sponsoring them with all our services for we believe, without education, we don't have a progressive tomorrow


Developing Our Youth

Professionals, Make A Difference (PMAD) is a youth development NPO based in Katlehong, that provides resources and information that helps grow a better and informed youth. We built them a website as a platform to distribute and communicate information. 

gomotsanang home

Touching lives

The Gomotsanang Home started a spelling bee initiative/competition in the Katlehong Township, whereby learners from different schools train and compete in this competition. We sponsor the designs of the certificates that are awarded at the at of he event.

Got an NPO?

Let us sponsor you with our services, briefly tell us: why we should sponsor you & how will this sponsorship help grow your organization. Send us an email to




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